Reimburse Your Employees for Gym Memberships They Actually Use

SpotsYou tracks how often your team members hit the gym so you can reimburse the ones who log a minimum number of workouts.

Users sign up for SpotsYou and link their accounts to Foursquare. They add their local gyms and check in each time they workout. Checking in at least eight times unlocks a reimbursement for that month’s gym membership.

Check in at your gym.
  • Your employees add their Gyms and Spots You does the rest.

    Why It Works

    Employees are motivated to workout because every trip brings them closer to a reimbursement; companies are motivated to offer the subsidy, knowing they’re only paying for memberships that actually get used.

  • Employers can see the check-in status of all of their participating employees in Spot You's simple dashboard.

    Easy to Track

    Users can easily check their reimbursement status, their workout totals, and see who on the team has hit the remuneration threshold.

  • Compare your status to others with a quick list.

    Built to Motivate

    A running dashboard lets users see how they stack up against their colleagues, providing ample fodder for friendly encouragement, well-earned praise, or motivational envy.